Scholarship Opportunities

Student pouring a substance into a beaker during a lab.

Our commitment to offer an MCC education to all qualified students, regardless of their financial standing, is a widely acknowledged strength of the school. We simply do not want capable students excluded for financial reasons.

We award nearly $600,000 in financial assistance to students with demonstrated financial need – some 51% of the student body – each year. Despite this, requests for aid outnumber the funds currently available. It is imperative to strengthen MCC’s financial aid pool for the sake of educating talented and deserving students in the years ahead.

We are committed to:
  • Strengthening the school by accepting the strongest possible students without regard for their ability to pay the full tuition.
  • Ensuring that an MCC education remains affordable for middle-class families.
  • Enriching the school community by reaching out to a more diverse population.