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The AEP Advantage

What’s an AEP?

Students at MCC have many opportunities for success.  One of them is our Academic Enrichment Period (AEP).  Here is how it works.  The school is on a six-day cycle (A through F Day).  Each class meets five out of six days in the cycle resulting in one period scheduled as an AEP.   It works out differently for each student; however, with a few exceptions, each student will have six AEP periods during the six-day cycle. Some students may have a couple AEP’s in a day and none on other days, some will have their AEP’s spread out evenly throughout the rotation.  During an  AEP, students can seek help from available teachers or use the time to work on assignments or homework.

What should students do during their AEP?  

One of the goals of having AEP’s is to help begin the process of transferring the responsibility for learning from parents and teachers to students themselves.  We know learning to work independently is a skill all our students need. Having this extra time is also an opportunity for students who struggle to keep up with the pace and rigor of college prep high school courses.  Students can see any teacher who is available during their AEP period.  For example, if a student has an AEP in English, but needs help in math, he or she can see a math teacher during that AEP.  

Students should be working with a teacher during their AEP if their grades need improvement, if they are missing assignments, if they need more time to complete an assignment, if they need more clarification about a topic, need more practice, or have any questions about any lessons or assignments.  If they are not confident test-takers, they should be seeing their teacher to review concepts before tests or to ask questions about grades.  

Helping students become responsible for their learning is a process. Some may need a bit more structure and support than others, but the reality is, they all have only four short years before they leave MCC and move onto college.  If your student isn’t using the AEP advantage, he or she  may need help with planning and time management.  Have him or her use the MCC Planner to schedule how to spend each AEP during the cycle.  Encourage him or her to email teachers to schedule a visit and be sure to ask him or her to tell you how he or she used his or her AEP.   

Please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Guthrie for help.