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MCC Update 2/19

Dear Members of the MCC Family,

Some updates and reminders as we reach the middle of our third quarter:

FACTS/Renweb Reminder

Please be sure to check your student's grades in FACTS/Renweb.

ACT Test

All 10th and 11th grade students in our Diocesan high schools will take the ACT on March 2, 2021. Sophomores and Juniors will report to school at our normal start time (homeroom at 8:00 AM) and finish at approximately 12:45PM. We require distance learning students to take the test in person (we will have special classrooms for them to complete the test).

Freshmen will log into Google Classroom from home to complete a Lenten reflection (we will share details on the reflection in Theology class).

Seniors are off for the day.

Course Catalog

We have revised our course catalog for 2021-22 by adding an additional Math course and attached the revision to this message. The catalog is also available in the resource section of FACTS Family. 

Continuous Improvement Survey

Thanks again to those families who have completed this year’s Continuous Improvement Survey. The survey closes at midnight tonight so those families who have not completed the survey still have some time.

Please use the following link to complete the survey; once there you will need to provide our school code, which is S#716.

As always, thanks for partnering with us.



Nicholas Regina                                               Ernest Herrington 

President                                                          Principal

Melbourne Central Catholic Course Catalog 2021-22