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Haunted Escape Room challenge

On a sunny afternoon in November, four brilliant AP Calculus students stroll down the hallway of MCC’s Aquinas building (socially distanced, of course). One curious student suggests that they check out an old, abandoned classroom, room A-114. As they walk into the room, they have a strange feeling. Suddenly, the door slams behind them and they discover they are trapped! Strange noises fill the room. The classroom is haunted, and they only have 45 minutes to escape. Can they use their calculus knowledge to escape before the ghost of Mr. Ziarno appears?

On Monday, November 23, and Tuesday, November 24 the AP Calculus AB class will be split into four groups and attempt to “Escape from the Haunted Classroom." This spooky escape room designed by our AP Calculus BC class will challenge the AB students to use their calculus skills to help them escape. The clock will be ticking as they use their knowledge of limits, continuity, and derivatives to escape in time. The winning team will receive extra credit.

Pictured here are Mr. Ziarno and his AP Calculus BC students working on the game plan.