Academic Support Program

Teacher assists student with special needs on a laptop as part of MCC’s Academic Support Program.

Melbourne Central Catholic High School recognizes each student as a unique individual created in the image of God.  The Academic Support Team works collaboratively with parents, students,  faculty and staff to provide all students with the support and resources needed to be successful students, self advocates, and lifelong learners.
The Academic Support Program at MCC is designed to support students with learning challenges or documented disabilities.  Academic support is available for all MCC students, however, only students meeting eligibility criteria receive accommodations. 

Peers as Partners in Learning

MCC is one of only three schools in Brevard County offering the Peers as Partners in Learning elective developed by the Florida Inclusion Network (FIN). It is an elective course for high school students approved by the Florida Department of Education. The course is based on years of research and designed to provide peer support, in an inclusive environment, for students with disabilities. The course provides reciprocal academic and social benefits to both students with and without disabilities. MCC students enrolled in this course are part of our “PIT Crew” (Peer Inclusion Team).

PIT Crew members attend training sessions before school begins.  They are then assigned a daily PIT Crew period to serve either an individual student with disabilities by accompanying them to a class, or work with teachers to serve students in English, Math or Science classrooms.  PIT Crew members also support students in the Learning Lab, and serve as Academic Peer Coaches, helping students with executive functioning skills and with specific course work.