Academic Support

We make Academic Support available to all our students. In addition to academic support, we offer students with documented disabilities reasonable accommodations.

MCC is one of only 2 schools in Brevard County offering the Peers as Partners in Learning elective that provides students enrolled with a reciprocal academic and social benefits to students with disabilities and their peers without disabilities. Enrolled students learn and apply knowledge and skills in the areas of academic engagement, communication, social barriers, leadership, problem solving, and other disability-related topics such as historical perspectives, inclusion, Universal Design for Learning, person-first language, presumed competence, social justice for minority populations, and media representation of diverse people.

Peers as Partners in Learning

Currently, MCC has ten amazing seniors enrolled and serving as our PIT Crew (Peer Inclusion Team). PIT Crew members attended training sessions before school began in August and continue to work through the curriculum while serving others in several classes as well as serving students and teachers in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, English 1, and English 2 classes. They also serve as Academic Peer Coaches working individually with students to help with organization, motivation, and assisting with specific course work.